Stephanie Clowdus, LCSW

Psychotherapy to Integrate Your Past & Make Changes Today

You may be experiencing a life change, relationship issues, unmanageable ways of thinking, trauma, or identity issues.

You and your mental health are valuable.

Ready to make a change? You don’t have to go at it alone.

In our sessions – through psychotherapeutic partnership – you’ll learn that vulnerability and honesty with yourself is possible & can empower you to you go where you want to go.

Anger taking over? Overthinking things?

Generational messages, relationships with your family, lack of boundaries with others, low self-esteem, and traumas may contribute to how you’re feeling.

This can show up in many ways in your life.

We can sort through and make sense of the thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing together.

  • Improve your coping skills
  • Explore & make changes to your relationship with a substance or out of control behavior
  • Manage self critical talk and limiting beliefs

You can get support.

No one wants an uncertain future, devolving into unhappiness, or misunderstanding oneself.

Whether looking at the past or focusing on today, psychotherapy can help thread parts of oneself together to decrease distress. Taking the steps to show up as your true self, and sometimes managing strong emotions in the meantime, is one of the most rewarding & challenging things you can do.

Risk is part of life and taking small steps to reduce risk is possible. I offer harm reduction orientation to psychotherapy, which meets people where they are in making change, and means that there is an effort made to reduce stigma in that process.

I believe that psychotherapy – also known as counseling – is an invaluable tool for transforming relationship to self and others. I offer authentic connection and attention as a tool to do just this.

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I provide in-person (Oakland) & telehealth video (California) psychotherapy and mental health treatment for individual adults.

You can expect a friendly and attuned therapist, joining you to center your story, personality, and needs through “talk therapy.” Your history and present experience, along with my training and expertise, can tell us invaluable information about you, and start finding solutions.

Learn more about me, what informs my practice, fees for service, & options for reimbursement for services.

I aim to improve your mental and emotional health, whether it is with me or another practitioner. I’m happy to link you to appropriate services.

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